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Welcome Dr. Brandon

We're thrilled to have internal medicine physician Dr. Jacob Brandon join the Priority Physicians family at our Carmel office. Learn More

On-Site Pharmaceutical Dispensary

Priority Physicians is pleased to source a variety of low-cost generic pharmaceuticals that may be prescribed by our physicians for common chronic and acute care needs. We are happy to offer these medications as a convenience to members of our practice where they may appreciate the opportunity to gain quick relief or avoid an otherwise unnecessary trip to the pharmacy.

Our physicians may suggest our in-office dispensary as an option when prescribing needed medications for our patients, though there is no obligation to procure medications or supplements through Priority Physicians. Cash pricing for supplied medications is available in our offices and upon request, with fees for supplied medications being due at the time of dispensation.

Registered Dietitian Services

All patients of Priority Physicians are offered up to a one hour consultation with a registered dietitian as a component of their annual membership program with Priority Physicians. This time is devoted to a dietary analysis and meal plan counseling. Patients leave with a greater sense of confidence and understanding regarding how to manage their personal diet to better align with long term health goals.

Priority Physicians is proud to partner with Laura Goldman for her expertise as a local registered dietitian. Laura welcomes our patients to engage her for ongoing consultation and special projects that may extend beyond the hour timeframe included in our membership program. Our patients are given the opportunity to schedule additional time with Laura as they like, and will be assessed an added fee of $80/hour for her services.


BOTOX® is used to treat moderate to severe lines between the eyebrows, around the eyes, and in the forehead. A few tiny injections are administered into the muscles that cause furrows. Reduction in the appearance of facial lines typically lasts about three to four months. Our goal is to preserve movement of the facial muscles to maintain a natural appearance while minimizing the appearance of deeper, more noticeable expression lines.

BOTOX® is also FDA approved for the treatment of migraine headaches. Those receiving BOTOX® for migraine typically receive injections between the eyebrows, across the forehead, and throughout the scalp and neck.

Dr. Shelagh Fraser of our Indianapolis physician staff and Dr. Ashley Williams of our Fishers physician staff are extensively trained in both medical and cosmetic BOTOX® administration. BOTOX® sessions typically take up to 30 minutes with no anesthesia required. Treatments are available exclusively for members of Priority Physicians and may be scheduled through our office. Billing occurs at a rate of $10/unit of BOTOX® administered and is due at the time of service.

Zilis UltraCell CBD Oil

Priority Physicians is pleased to offer a selection of premium CBD products for sale in each of our office locations. Our UltraCell products from Zilis feature full spectrum hemp oil and are organically sourced, water soluble, and have 0.0% THC content. Available in both flavored liquid and topical ointment forms, these CBD products are used as supplements rather than medications, and may assist with anxiety, pain management, inflammation, mood disorders, and sleep disorders.

CBD products are legal in the state of Indiana, though laws regarding the transportation and use of CBD products vary from state to state. Please talk to your physician, or contact us with questions about how CBD products may benefit you.

Jan Marini™ Skin Care Management Systems

Jan Marini™ skin therapy solutions help skin remain youthful and healthy in spite of the aging process and natural exposure to the elements. Detailed research and rigorous clinical validations have resulted in a product line shown to produce both dramatic and measurable results in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and acne.

Commercial and medical-grade Jan Marini™ skin care products are available for purchase in our offices. Before and after images and clinical testimonials can be found by visiting the Jan Marini™ website.

What our Members are saying...

“I really appreciate the service we receive at Priority Physicians. The doctors and the staff get to know you and your needs and always treat your questions and concerns seriously. I cant imagine going back to a traditional healthcare office.”

- Larry Sablosky, Priority Physicians Patient

“The practice is easy to access, delivers instant responses, and shows great follow-up. We also enjoy the personal relationships that we’ve built with our physicians. Because its so convenient and professional, we have recommended it to many of our friends.”

- Dr. Merrill and Nanette Ritter, Priority Physicians Patients

“Priority Physicians is a light on the highway of patient care. My doctor takes her time, knows me personally and medically, and is always in-tune with how to address my needs. The entire practice is A+; definitely worth the investment.”

- Adriana Llames, Priority Physicians Patient

“I came to Priority Physicians with a number of complicated medical issues. They not only provided me with the highest level of medical care, but also provided the executive management of my overall care and significantly improved my health.”

- Cindy Whitaker, Priority Physicians Patient

“"Becoming a Member of Priority Physicians was one of my best decisions."”

- David Ellis, PhD, Priority Physicians (of Fishers) Patient

“My family and I have been with Priority Physicians for almost a decade, and I cannot say enough about every aspect of our experience with Priority. They have been there for us from 3am emergencies and hospital visits to rudimentary medical issues, guiding us every step of the way. The entire staff is friendly and conscientious, and always offer the support that we need. Thank you, Priority!”

- Jim Brown, Priority Physicians Patient

“My parents were both in medicine for 40 years, and retired fearing that the patient experience was falling by the wayside. Priority Physicians fills that void and offers great value for their service. With this team I know that I am never far away from a caring professional to help. I trust my family's health with Priority Physicians and will do so for years to come!”

- John Perry, Priority Physicians Patient

“My choices were to continue with my past physician group’s limited access, minimal response, and long waits, or to seek a more suitable solution. I joined Priority Physicians and I can’t tell you how much more comfortable I am, especially with the onset of COVID-19. Having my “private” physician answer the phone is simply remarkable. Moreover, his skillset and knowledge are clearly beyond what I had previously experienced. I am happy to offer my highest endorsement.”

- Matt Hagans, Priority Physicians Patient

“Without a doubt, Priority Physicians has changed my life. The depth, quality and personal care exhibited during my physical exams was incredible and led to a diagnosis and remedy in weeks. Since then, I have found the Priority Physicians staff to be committed to my health in a way I have never experienced before. I have gone from fear of seeing the doctor to embracing my new lease on life. Thank you Priority Physicians!”

- Nick Gutwein, Priority Physicians Patient

“Priority Physicians is one of the BEST INVESTMENTS we’ve ever made.”

- Russ & Sally Mobley, Priority Physicians Patients

“Priority Physicians has completely changed me and my family's perspective about what to expect from our primary health care provider. I love the peace of mind that I've found as a result.”

- Sandy Lange, Priority Physicians Patient

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