How N1X10 Is Revolutionizing Cancer Care

August 22, 2023

In the spirit of concierge care, we like to keep our members updated on innovative technologies and trends with a very personalized focus on patient needs and preferences.

We’ve recently discovered N1X10, an advanced oncology advocacy service with a novel, individualized approach I’m really excited about.

N1X10 educates and empowers cancer patients to actively fight their disease by customizing advice and information to each patient’s unique medical scenario. Essentially, it’s concierge care for cancer patients.

Being diagnosed with cancer is life-altering. The typical cancer patient wants to learn everything they can about their specific type of tumor: What caused it? How can it be treated? Am I getting the best treatment available? What’s my prognosis for recovery?

But available information on specific types of cancer can be dense; resources can exist in a vast number of places and contain disparate study data that can quickly become outdated. Or, with very unusual tumor types, research might be rare and sporadic.

That’s where N1X10 comes in.

Personalizing the Care Team

With N1X10 services, each patient is assigned their own three-person consulting team — an oncologist focused on their specific type of cancer, a physician assistant, and a patient advocate. Although the team members don’t provide treatment, they do:

  • Review all test results to provide a second opinion on a patient’s cancer
  • Conduct a broad and in-depth research sweep to provide full background from studies and sources both national and worldwide
  • Connect the patient with experts who specialize in the genetics of their particular cancer

This means you’re not limited to what local care teams know. You can learn about alternative or cutting-edge treatments outside your usual healthcare system. You can get opinions and input from a range of cancer specialists worldwide who can help you make the best-informed decisions about your health.

Infographic: How N1X10 Is Revolutionizing Cancer Care

A Wider Lens on Cancer Care

In the U.S., most medical professionals are charged with following evidence-based guidelines that help ensure they’re delivering the best possible medical practice. These guidelines, while helpful, are mainly based on a majority of typical cases. Patient advocates at local hospitals are often limited in what they can find or recommend.

But guidelines can differ around the world. Perhaps another country has approved an effective method or discovered a valuable treatment not yet included within U.S. guidance. N1X10 connects patients to a global network of professional oncologists and cancer research that may potentially deliver quicker, more successful results.

N1X10 enables its patients to apply a broader lens to their personal cancer experience, explore what’s possible and what’s promising in cancer research and treatment, and become an expert in their cancer type.

Quote: How N1X10 Is Revolutionizing Cancer Care

N1X10: Final Thoughts

For the common cancers, our traditional healthcare system does a great job. N1X10 is ideal for patients with rare or hard to treat cancers. They are expensive, though, and their services can range from $15,000 to $100,000.

Although N1X10 is a new service that we’re still learning about, our patients with a unique cancer diagnosis have found it a worthwhile investment. Talk to your doctor at Priority Physicians to determine if this service would be a good addition to our existing care coordination.

Dr. Jonathan Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt is a board-certified family medicine physician with undergraduate degrees in Microbiology and medicine from Southern Illinois University and the University of Illinois. He completed his residency at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in South Bend, IN and has a passion for putting his patients first in his practice. In his free time, Dr. Schmidt enjoys spending time with his family and participating in outdoor activities such as water sports and woodworking.

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