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Welcome Dr. Brandon

We're thrilled to have internal medicine physician Dr. Jacob Brandon join the Priority Physicians family at our Carmel office. Learn More

So how do we do it?

Priority Physicians maintains a limit of 250 patients per physician – just 8% of the patient volume hosted by a typical primary care practice. This ratio is among the most highly controlled in the nation, even among concierge medical groups.  It allows us to deliver real-time access to our physicians and empowers the complete care coordination, professional advocacy, and personalized case management that our members count on and deserve.

The second key ingredient is administration. Priority Physicians works for you. Our practice does not bill insurance for reimbursement, and hosts no third party payer contracts of any kind. Instead, our patients join our practice in a unique annual membership format. We align our incentives by accepting one flat fee per patient in advance of a rolling twelve months of service. Without the burden of appointment delays, required office visits, or co-pays or per visit fees, our patients are encouraged to seek our care as often as needed, no matter when that may be. This helps keep our attention where it should be… on you.

We encourage you to take a moment to consider whether you’re truly receiving all that you would like to from your current medical provider… for yourself, for your family, or even for your business partners and corporate leadership team. Reflect upon what it could mean to gain a firm grasp on your preventive health, and to have someone that you can depend upon in times of medical need – no matter when they may occur. If you can imagine something better for yourself, we believe we have your answer. Contact us today for more information about how Priority Physicians can make a difference in your life. Let’s get started on your wellness journey… together.

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