Membership Services

Those who join our concierge medical practice as full members will have their executive annual exams complemented by the comfort of knowing that their ongoing primary care needs will be managed by our physicians and staff. Our practice has been built to afford our members every consideration when it comes to the accessible, convenient, and personalized care that they seek. As such, our members receive:

Comprehensive Primary Care Services

  • 24-hr. telephonic access to a physician, 365 days per year
  • Open-access appointments and acute care consultations with no additional physician’s fees
  • Same day appointments / Next day appointments
  • Ongoing supported communications capabilities through phone, email, and video chat per physician guidelines for use
  • House calls available after hours (as indicated), within a 10-mile service radius of our office locations
  • Scheduled video and tele-medical consultations available
  • On-site lab draws and processing  (Lab analysis billed separately to patients’ insurance by our lab partners)
  • Well-baby checks, youth sports physicals, and concussion testing
  • Administered immunizations and travel vaccinations  (Vaccinations billed separately through patients’ insurance by our vaccination partner when applicable; Yellow Fever not available. Conventionally recommended vaccinations include: Hiberix, Energix (Hep B), Twinrix, Havrix (child’s Hep A), Daptacel (DTap), Menactra, Polio, Adacel (TDap), Varivax (Chicken Pox), Pnuemovax / Zostovax (Shingles), and Gardasil).

Complete Healthcare Coordination

  • Managed primary care, including coordination of appropriate annual screening measures as indicated (ex. Mammography, bone density scanning, colonoscopy, etc.) through referral providers and follow-up preventive care consultations
  • Best-in-class subspecialist referrals, including expedited appointments (as available)
  • Sub-specialist appointments scheduled, coordinated, and pre-certified by our staff
  • Physician-accompanied sub-specialty consultations available
  • Direct physician advocacy with sub-specialists and other care providers
  • Coordinated medical conference calls across sub-specialties
  • Accompanied emergency room visits available**
  • Facilitated hospital stays include personal consultations with our physicians**

** Priority Physicians’ doctors are credentialed through Indianapolis, Fishers, and Carmel St. Vincent locations, though patients may visit or be directed to any appropriate facility for treatment of their medical needs. ER visits may be accompanied at physician’s clinical discretion or upon patient request. Hospital rounding based upon patient proximity; Direct physician advocacy and managed care support is delivered via remote communication where other facilities, providers, or health systems may be involved.