What Makes An Elite Concierge Medicine Practice Successful?

When it comes to providing concierge healthcare to the rich and super-rich, there are certain defining characteristics. There is a strong interest in the field of concierge healthcare on the part of wealthy families, family offices, and senior executives. http://www.forbes.com/sites/russalanprince/2015/03/02/what-makes-an-elite-concierge-medicine-practice-successful/

Reserved Parking for PP Members

Effective immediately, Priority Physicians, PC is excited to announce an extra benefit for our members; reserved parking spots.  These parking spaces are located on the first level in the parking garage underneath our building (B1) and are directly opposite the main bay of elevators.

There are clearly marked blue signs that say“Priority Physicians Parking Only: All Others Towed.”  We appreciate all of your feedback on this change and will continue with our efforts to secure these spaces on a permanent basis for the benefit of our patients.  Thank you for your support!