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A Leader in Patient-Focused Healthcare

People these days are increasingly concerned about having timely access to their physician.  Their worries are constantly validated by long waits and hurried appointments, during which they sometimes don't even see a doctor.  Priority Physicians brings a solution to these problems by offering a whole new way to look at healthcare.  Preventive medicine.  Comprehensive healthcare.  Timely access.  A trusted physician who knows and cares about you.  While our current healthcare system might make these ideas seem unrealistic, they are fundamentals at Priority Physicians.  We consider these to be core benefits of working with our practice – benefits that have already dramatically changed and improved the lives of hundreds of Indiana families.

So how are we able to make such a profound difference in the lives of our members?  Priority Physicians maintains a patient population that is reduced by over 90% of the volume found in a traditional primary care practice, a range narrow even for concierge medicine.  This allows us to be proactive in managing the wellness of our patients and ensures that we are available anytime they need us.  This also enables the development of close personal relationships with our patients, a prospect desired by so many healthcare consumers and yet often viewed as unattainable.  In fact, Exceptional Service and Dedication to the Individual are among the core values that make Priority Physicians unique in the world of primary healthcare.

We feel privileged to practice medicine in this way and invite you to learn more about how we can make a difference in your life!