Who We Are

A Leader in Patient-Focused Healthcare

Preventive medicine. Timely access. Improved outcomes. A trusted direct care physician who knows and cares about you.

These are the core benefits enjoyed by patients who subscribe to concierge healthcare at Priority Physicians – benefits that have already dramatically improved the lives of hundreds of Midwestern families.  While our current healthcare system struggles mightily to manage these concepts in a patient-focused way, they are part of the fundamentals … the very DNA of Priority Physicians and each concierge doctor who serves our patients.

So how are we able to make such a profound difference in the lives of our members?  Priority Physicians limits our patient population to just 200 adult patients per physician – 90% less than the volume of a traditional primary care practice.  This ratio is narrow even among private medical providers and is essential in allowing our physicians to be fully engaged and proactive in managing the health and wellness needs of our patients.  It allows us to both claim and deliver real-time access to our physicians – not just when certain third parties might deem it necessary, but when our patients do.  It empowers the complete care coordination, professional advocacy and case management that patients desperately want to count on, but often must manage on their own.

Our highly controlled patient ratio also plays one other critical role … it creates the foundation upon which close personal relationships with our physicians can actually take root and flourish.  No one can simply profess a trusted partnership – they must be allowed to grow and develop based upon an investment of time, common commitment and shared experiences.  This is the “Secret Recipe” of Priority Physicians and it’s what gives our patients the confidence that they are never without a partner in addressing their healthcare needs.

So take a moment to consider whether you’re truly getting all that you would like from your current medical provider.  Reflect upon what it could mean to get a firm grasp on your preventive health and to have someone that you can depend upon in times of medical need.  If you can imagine something better for yourself, we believe we have your answer.  Contact us today for more information about how Priority Physicians can make a difference in your life!