Priority Physicians Announces ROAMD Travel Network Affiliation

Priority Physicians, P.C., Indiana’s leading provider of concierge healthcare, is pleased to announce an exclusive new partnership with the ROAMD Physicians Network.

Founded in 2017, ROAMD is an international network of concierge care and direct pay physicians who have committed to offering a same or next business day visit for traveling members of their practices.

“We’re excited to now offer ROAMD access to Members of Priority Physicians as an extension of our services,” said Priority Physicians co-founder and physician, Matthew J. Priddy, M.D. “Although our group is able to provide care quite extensively over distance for our Members in most situations, the ROAMD travel network provides our participating Members with the assurance that they can physically see a trusted doctor in over 75 different cities when needed.”

The ROAMD Curated Physicians Network is a first-of-its-kind alliance of vetted, independent concierge and direct-pay physicians who agree to offer same/next business day access exclusively to members of their participating practices. Currently serving over 75 domestic and international high-frequency locations, including New York, London, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, and others, ROAMD has been created largely with the input of participating doctors in order to fill a void in handling the travel care needs of their patients. ROAMD service scope is also now extending into relationships with leading tertiary referral centers such as the Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins as well.

“ROAMD is unlike anything in the market,” says ROAMD CEO, Dan Driscoll. “It is a growing alliance of leading regional physicians who are determined to work together for the benefit of their traveling patients.” Driscoll has worked with Dr. Priddy, a leader on the ROAMD Physicians Advisory Council, in the conception and development of the ROAMD network.

Only individuals 18 and older who are currently enrolled with a participating ROAMD medical practice are able to enroll themselves in the ROAMD network. They can do so by visiting and selecting their participating primary physician. Once payment is complete, ROAMD Members have immediate travel access to network physicians on a same or next business day basis, as brokered by their primary doctors. Fees to enroll with ROAMD range from $300 – $500, and do not include visitation fees that may apply for care rendered when traveling.

To learn more about ROAMD, visit


About Priority Physicians

Priority Physicians is the premier executive care and concierge family medical practice in Indianapolis, now serving nearly 1,200 members with seven distinguished physicians across two office locations. Members of the practice enjoy a comprehensive executive annual physical, 24/7 direct access to a physician (including same-day appointments and house calls), complete subspecialty healthcare coordination, emergency room and hospitalization consultations, well-baby check-ups, and more. To learn more about Priority Physicians, visit


ROAMD is a first-of-its-kind network of vetted, independent concierge and direct-pay physicians who agree to offer same/next business day access exclusively to members of its participating practices.  Currently serving over 75 domestic and international high-frequency locations, ROAMD has been created with the input of participating doctors to fill a void in the travel care needs of their patients. To learn more about ROAMD, visit

What is Concierge Medicine?

When you walk into your doctor’s office, it is highly likely you’ll see a waiting room full of patients, listen to a phone ringing off the hook, and see nurses or other staff moving around quickly to move patients from point A to B. Chances are you’ll also spend 10-20 minutes past your original appointment time waiting to actually be seen by the doctor—all for about 15 minutes of face time. How convenient, right?


What if you could avoid all the hassles of modern healthcare? Enter concierge medicine.

In the past, many people associated the idea of concierge medicine with something available to only the wealthiest of people. In 2018, it’s reaching a more mainstream status as the US healthcare system continues to evolve. By simplest definition, concierge medicine is a private form of medical practice that requires an annual membership fee. Exactly what is covered in that fee may vary between providers, but this fee often allows for direct access to the physician—patients can call or email their personal physicians directly for their health needs. This direct access could even include house calls during off hours or in cases of injury. The fee may also cover lab tests or prescription medications. These annual membership fees allow concierge doctors to limit their patient loads so that patients can take advantage of same-day appointments, longer visits, and better doctor-patient relationships.


Personalized Attention from Your Doctor

Establishing a doctor-patient relationship is becoming increasingly rare. An average patient group for a primary care provider is anywhere between 1,000-2,000 patients. On the opposite side, a concierge practice will typically limit patient load to a number in the hundreds versus the thousands. With the decreased number of patients in a concierge practice, there are more opportunities to personally manage a patient’s ongoing care, and doctors have the time to develop a deeper trust with their patients. This extra time allows the doctor to proactively care for a patient’s overall well-being and provide more well-rounded care. Without needing to rush to the next appointment like in a traditional practice, concierge medicine doctors have more time to communicate face to face with patients and use their skills to the fullest extent.


Cost-Effective Medical Care

Thanks to the ongoing hassles of insurance companies and government red tape when it comes to healthcare, people are searching for new ways to get much-needed medical care. Often, becoming a member of a smaller concierge medicine practice is a great alternative. As health insurance costs continue to rise, patients are looking for ways to keep their own medical costs down. In some situations, that means better preventative care to help them get and stay healthy. Members of concierge practices soon discover an ongoing doctor-patient relationship helps them maintain a healthier lifestyle and keeps potential health problems at bay. Also, since many concierge practices do not accept private insurance, patients are able to completely bypass the third-party payer system. Patients can directly pay the doctor for their services and eliminate the middleman. Since there is less administrative work to do, these practices usually employ fewer people so the staff’s time and energy can go into practicing medicine.

Concierge medicine may be new to you, but it’s a growing part of our healthcare system. If you’re looking for a way to keep your healthcare costs down while still receiving quality personalized care, an appointment with Priority Physicians is worth your time. If you’re looking for a family physician or seeking help with a chronic condition, call today and find out what convenient, quality care options we have available.