Physical Therapy & Therapeutic Massage

Priority Physicians is pleased to offer physical and massage therapy at our office, exclusively for the benefit of our patients. We have partnered with Priority Rehab and One2One Therapy, both local physical therapy companies that specialize in the delivery of highly personalized patient experience, to offer in-office consultations and service. These certified therapists are exemplary in their fields and share our commitment to both professional excellence and patient-focused care.

Physical Therapy

Can physical therapy benefit you? If you have suffered a musculoskeletal injury, have lost some mobility or even suffer from tightness in your muscles or joints, physical therapy can help you get back to feeling like yourself. Our therapy staff may be of benefit to you by focusing on areas of pain management, physical strength, mobility, flexibility and increasing functional independence.

Talk to your doctor today about a complimentary general assessment that is available for each of our patients through their membership with Priority Physicians. After your assessment, we can discuss pursuing further therapy as needed.

Massage Therapy

Although massage therapy is great as a relaxation technique, there are other benefits that can blossom from a good massage. Massage therapy can be used as an accompaniment to a physical therapy regimen in an effort to speed the recovery process from an injury. It is also often used in training for an upcoming athletic event. Speak with your doctor about other benefits that may include increased circulation, enhanced immune system, promoted nervous system function, reduced blood pressure and pain relief. To schedule an appointment with our preferred physical therapist, call our office today.

If you are interested in any of these members-only services, please call our office today at 317.338.6400. We can schedule an in-office appointment for you or help you set up at-home therapy.