Nutritional Counseling

Priority Physicians partners with nutritionists and registered dietitians to bring you Nutritional Counseling Services. These services are designed especially for patients of Priority Physicians to provide day-to-day guidance for meeting nutritional goals, whether it is reaching a healthy weight or adjusting a diet for a recent diagnosis.

Patients interested in this service can expect an initial consultation to thoroughly analyze individual dietary patterns and explore healthy solutions that are uniquely suited to the patient’s needs. We will then translate dietary recommendations into a customized program with practical solutions for our patients as needed to identify specific foods, ingredients, preparations, recipes, and dining patterns that continue to be problematic – even reviewing the patient’s food pantry and cookware.

Please note, however, that Nutritional Counseling Services are direct-billed to our patients and are not part of a paid membership with Priority Physicians. Talk with your doctor today if our new Nutritional Counseling Services may be of interest to you.

Getting Started

If you are interested in the nutrition services of our team, please call Priority Physicians at 317-338-6400. Your physician will discuss your goals for this service with you.