Member Services Assistant Career Opportunity

Priority Physicians is seeking a qualified Member Services Assistant RN, LPN or Medical Assistant / Phlebotomist to join its Indianapolis office.

Responsible for daily administrative support to designated physician and his/her patients, including (but not limited to) appointment and referral scheduling, insurance pre-certifications and prior authorizations, management, copy, and transmission of medical records and current patient insurance information, physician-assisted prescription management, and open servicing of other patient needs as physician and manager may specify. Responsible for on-site phlebotomy and additional screenings and testing including (but not limited to) INR, glucose check and UA, administration of ECG, Foto-Finder ABTM, BP, laboratory management and stocking, and preparation of lab specimens for transport. Administration of immunizations may also be required.



1. Ensure polite and courteous greeting for all incoming patients, timely rooming them and providing refreshments as appropriate.

2. Ensure that all incoming calls are received prior to activation of a recorded phone tree, politely and expeditiously addressing the request of any patient or associated patient representative in accordance with the established guidelines of our practice services.

3. Verify current demographic and insurance information for lab testing, subspecialty referral, and other procedural needs.

4. Coordinate and manage patients for all in-house, out-of-office subspecialty and radiological appointments.

5. Obtain prior authorization from insurance company for subspecialty referrals, outpatient procedures, imaging, and prescription drugs as required to ensure highest level of reimbursement.

6. Act as liaison and patient advocate between subspecialists’ offices and our patients.

7. Ensure medical records are faxed/mailed/overnighted to subspecialty offices prior to patients’ appointments, and that incoming records are properly and timely scanned and filed for physician attention prior to patient appointments and follow-ups.

8. As directed by the physician, call in prescriptions to pharmacies both local and mail order.

9. Mail or email confirmation of all scheduled appointments to patients on a timely basis.

10. Preparation and timely transmission of all patient reports and annual exam packets.


1. Phlebotomy: draw labs as requested by physicians; prior to blood draw ensure correct insurance information and that proper vials are available and lab requirements for processing are fully understood, and follow-up on timely return and filing of all lab results.

2. Conduct all on-site testing including but not limited to INRs, glucose, blood tests, and UAs.

3. Prepare all lab (blood and urine) specimens for transport to lab for processing

4. Vaccinations: leverage existing vaccination system for inventory management and software tracking to enter patient information, withdraw inventory, administer vaccine, give appropriate hand out sheet (Vaccine Information Statement or VIS) to patient; document vaccination (month, date and year of injection, vaccine lot number, expiration date and location of injection) in the electronic record and for separate patient billing purposes as needed.

5. Pharmaceutical and Supplemental Dispensary: Assist in dispensing on-site medications as prescribed by our physicians for the convenience and benefit of our patients. This may include inventory management, systems entry of patient information, dispensation of medications and associated informational sheets, and addressing patient questions about medications in partnership with a physician.

6. Conduct (or assist in) ECG, FotoFinder, and other sensitive and appropriate clinical sessions, as directed by the physician.

7. Responsible for stocking and maintaining medical supplies in all exam rooms

8. Responsible for cleaning and refreshing exam rooms between patients.

9.  Other duties as requested.

Skills Required

1. Must have excellent oral and written communications skills

2. Must exhibit a warm, friendly, and outgoing demeanor.

3. Must be self-motivated and intrinsically service-oriented.

4. Must demonstrate uncompromising attention to detail and associated commitment in ensuring fantastic patient experiences.

5. Must demonstrate proficiency at multi-tasking with a past record of success.

6. Must demonstrate proactive problem solving and proper judgment in quickly adjusting priorities as needed.

7. Must be able to work well alone and as part of a team.

8. Must have fantastic phlebotomy skills.

9. Must have experience with common computer software applications, including MS Office, and demonstrate proficiency with EMR and lab-interface software.

Education and Experience

High school diploma required; college degree and nursing credentials are preferred. Certificate of phlebotomy training from recognized training facility/school and/or certification of commensurate nursing/clinical credentialing is required. At least three years of experience in a lab, medical facility, or an operating medical office is preferred. Must have a working knowledge of general office procedures and protocols, including relevant software applications. Familiarity with MS Office Applications (Outlook, Word, Excel) is required; EMR and lab interface experience is preferred.


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