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Welcome Dr. Brandon

We're thrilled to have internal medicine physician Dr. Jacob Brandon join the Priority Physicians family at our Carmel office. Learn More

This is What Healthcare Should Be

Focused on delivering individual patient care tailored to you.

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A narrow doctor to patient ratio.

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Convenient 24/7 physician access.

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A sacred physician and patient relationship.

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Preventative care in addition to acute care needs.

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Complete healthcare coordination.

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A Word From Our Patients...

“Without a doubt, Priority Physicians has changed my life. The depth, quality and personal care exhibited during my physical exams was incredible and led to a diagnosis and remedy in weeks. Since then, I have found the Priority Physicians staff to be committed to my health in a way I have never experienced before. I have gone from fear of seeing the doctor to embracing my new lease on life. Thank you Priority Physicians!”

- Nick Gutwein, Priority Physicians Patient

“Priority Physicians has completely changed me and my family's perspective about what to expect from our primary health care provider. I love the peace of mind that I've found as a result.”

- Sandy Lange, Priority Physicians Patient

“I really appreciate the service we receive at Priority Physicians. The doctors and the staff get to know you and your needs and always treat your questions and concerns seriously. I cant imagine going back to a traditional healthcare office.”

- Larry Sablosky, Priority Physicians Patient

“My choices were to continue with my past physician group’s limited access, minimal response, and long waits, or to seek a more suitable solution. I joined Priority Physicians and I can’t tell you how much more comfortable I am, especially with the onset of COVID-19. Having my “private” physician answer the phone is simply remarkable. Moreover, his skillset and knowledge are clearly beyond what I had previously experienced. I am happy to offer my highest endorsement.”

- Matt Hagans, Priority Physicians Patient

“My parents were both in medicine for 40 years, and retired fearing that the patient experience was falling by the wayside. Priority Physicians fills that void and offers great value for their service. With this team I know that I am never far away from a caring professional to help. I trust my family's health with Priority Physicians and will do so for years to come!”

- John Perry, Priority Physicians Patient

“My family and I have been with Priority Physicians for almost a decade, and I cannot say enough about every aspect of our experience with Priority. They have been there for us from 3am emergencies and hospital visits to rudimentary medical issues, guiding us every step of the way. The entire staff is friendly and conscientious, and always offer the support that we need. Thank you, Priority!”

- Jim Brown, Priority Physicians Patient

“The practice is easy to access, delivers instant responses, and shows great follow-up. We also enjoy the personal relationships that we’ve built with our physicians. Because its so convenient and professional, we have recommended it to many of our friends.”

- Dr. Merrill and Nanette Ritter, Priority Physicians Patients

“"Becoming a Member of Priority Physicians was one of my best decisions."”

- David Ellis, PhD, Priority Physicians (of Fishers) Patient

“Priority Physicians is a light on the highway of patient care. My doctor takes her time, knows me personally and medically, and is always in-tune with how to address my needs. The entire practice is A+; definitely worth the investment.”

- Adriana Llames, Priority Physicians Patient

“Priority Physicians is one of the BEST INVESTMENTS we’ve ever made.”

- Russ & Sally Mobley, Priority Physicians Patients

“I came to Priority Physicians with a number of complicated medical issues. They not only provided me with the highest level of medical care, but also provided the executive management of my overall care and significantly improved my health.”

- Cindy Whitaker, Priority Physicians Patient


What Does 24/7 access mean?

Call our physicians directly with a question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our offices are staffed Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm, during which our members may enjoy same-day appointments, personally returned messages and no time limits with our physicians while under our care. Do you prefer to work via secure video chat or email with your physicians? No problem. If an after-hours house call becomes necessary, our physicians can even travel to your location* to assist with your medical needs.

*Within a 10-mile service radius of each office location.

What does complete care coordination mean?
  • Managed primary care, including coordination of appropriate annual screening measures as indicated (ex. Mammography, bone density scanning, colonoscopy, etc.) through referral providers
  • Best-in-class subspecialist referrals, including expedited appointments (as available)
  • Sub-specialist appointments scheduled, coordinated, and pre-certified by our staff
  • Physician-accompanied sub-specialty consultations available
  • Direct physician advocacy with sub-specialists and other care providers
  • Coordinated medical conference calls across sub-specialties
  • Accompanied emergency room visits**
  • Facilitated hospital stays include personal consultations with our physicians**

** Priority Physicians’ doctors are credentialed through local St. Vincent locations, though patients may visit or be directed to any appropriate facility for treatment of their medical needs. ER visits may be accompanied at the physician’s clinical discretion or upon patient request. Hospital rounding based upon patient proximity; Direct physician advocacy and managed care support is delivered via remote communication where other facilities, providers, or health systems may be involved.

How do you manage inpatient care?

Our physicians maintain local hospital privileges and are intimately involved as advocates for your care during hospitalization. Although we do rely upon the hospital’s specialized clinical staff to manage admits and primary orders during your stay, our doctors conduct frequent rounds and collaborate with your inpatient physicians to create effective plans for your transition back to outpatient care.

Do I have one doctor that I see every time?

Your ongoing primary and preventive care will be managed by a specific physician who will work with you on a regular basis. Should your individual doctor happen to be unavailable during a sudden moment of need, one of our other physicians will be on-call and available to help, 24 hours a day.

How many patients do you have?

Our doctor-to-patient ratio is limited to 1:200 adults (age 18+). While many primary care doctors may have 5,000 patients or more, our strictly controlled ratios ensure that you’ll receive the depth of service and personal attention that you expect and deserve from your doctor.

Do you see children?

Yes. Our medical staff includes board-certified family medicine physicians who are fully trained to meet your child’s primary care needs. It will be our pleasure to care for your entire family!

Do you make house calls?

Yes. Although our physicians will expect to treat you in our offices and during business hours whenever possible, your

doctor or the physician on-call will be available to see you in your home if necessary. Please note that house calls must be within 10 miles of our office locations.

How much does your service cost?

Our fee schedule is a graduated, flat-rate scale based upon the age demographics of our members. Please contact our office to understand how we can work to meet your family’s needs.

Do you bill insurance?

No. We do not directly bill your insurance for any of our clinical services. This frees our doctors from the undue influence of insurance providers, allowing us to comprehensively treat your needs in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. It also ensures that our financial interests remain fully aligned with yours and holds us accountable to your standards.

Will my membership be covered by insurance?

Possibly. Although we do not directly bill insurance, our services do qualify for reimbursement through any HSA, HRA, and FSA plans. This will not offset your full membership fee, though your annual executive physical and other physician consultations may be covered. We suggest that you consult with your accountant and benefits advisors for more details.

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